Kobi Rana misapplies epic drama to suggestive ads

Prince Dave Osei throws weight around, and doesn’t play second fiddle to Majid Michel or John Dumelo. His role as Ray, a conflicted romanticist, proves why Hollywood filmmakers chose him for the upcoming film The Dead. Martha Ankomah shows strength, but’s no match here for Eddie Nartey, who gives a caliber performance, rivaled only by … Continue reading

“Dat’s wut da blues iz aint it? Hol lotta fuckin!”

Darnell Martin’s got her mojo working right with Cadillac Records. Telling America’s history of pop music, created predominately by Africans, the film shows the theft and exploitation of artists like Muddy Waters and Etta James by European record execs like Leonard Chess, who offer them Cadillacs and fame in exchange for publishing rights, song royalties…their souls! Showbiz … Continue reading


The album begins with grinding synth, a verse by Weezy, and Rap & B lyrics from “MechanicalDummy” off of a groovy production from Swizz Beats.