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Inception – Leonardo DiCaprio stars in Christopher Nolan’s new sci-fi action thriller, as Dom Cobb, an intellectual property thief. Will this be the role to finally clinch DiCaprio the golden naked statue? Probably not. But this sure makes for a cool summer flick! (also in IMAX)
Score 3 1/2 of 4 stars

The Beast – Abdul Salam Mumuni serves up another story of love (Venus) and passion, starring none other than breadwinner, Majid Michel. Two things worth mentioning! The first is the awkward attempt (haircut) at portraying Majid’s character (The Beast) as a “bad boy”. It seems a cross between the Mad Max films of the 70’s and 80’s, starring Mel Gibson, and Wesley Snipes’ Simon Phoenix look from Demolition Man of the 90’s. There’s also the huge amount of theatrical blood bleeding down his face for emotional affect. Oooooohhh! Will this be the role to finally seal Majid the coveted AMAA award? If I had to bet on the outdated hairdo, I wouldn’t keep my fingers crossed (although Majid is known to display great, intense emotion in lead roles).  Still, anything with the name Majid Michel attached to it these days tends to generate considerable buzz in the African movie industry.
Score 3 of 4 stars

2 Responses to “Preview reviews”
  1. Myne Whitman says:

    I really enjoyed the Tron Legacy and Game previews, nice.

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