I Dream, I Wake, I Realize

Clichéd, pretentious, patronizing, unintelligent; these are some of the words that came to mind as I watched Nolan’s Inception. Inception, a two-hour and twenty plus abecedarian edumatic on Nolan’s fascination in lucidity and dreams, seems like an intriguing idea someone planted within Nolan’s subconscious, yet, never fully extracted. Inception is deficient of innovation, is predictable, … Continue reading

Prince of Persia: A Low Point in the History of Cinema

Jordan Mechner cosigns and Mike Newell directs the worst blockbuster so far this century! An appalling tribute to a beloved and cherished video game franchise, regarded by many (me included) as groundbreaking and innovative within the platforming genre. Is it good when a video game creator like Mechner gets the rare opportunity to adapt, and … Continue reading

“Dat’s wut da blues iz aint it? Hol lotta fuckin!”

Darnell Martin’s got her mojo working right with Cadillac Records. Telling America’s history of pop music, created predominately by Africans, the film shows the theft and exploitation of artists like Muddy Waters and Etta James by European record execs like Leonard Chess, who offer them Cadillacs and fame in exchange for publishing rights, song royalties…their souls! Showbiz … Continue reading

Avatar pops 3D blue yet can’t escape being soulless trash

You’re not the only one with a gun bitch! – Trudy Chacon Despite all Avatar’s efforts, the film doesn’t seem to resonate the way it should. Rather it focuses heavy on war-driven themes of imperialism, colonialism, manifest destiny, and full-fledged terrorism. How prejudice can one film be, in referring to indigenous people as blue colored … Continue reading

“No prettier fall than Carnival”

“…my original theory was that we’re living in such a fucked-up world and things are so awful that Earth needed to populate itself with people who were going to do something about it.”

New Moon: The Dawn of wolves

“Oh Bella, you’re my reason for living..the air I breath.”