I Dream, I Wake, I Realize

Clichéd, pretentious, patronizing, unintelligent; these are some of the words that came to mind as I watched Nolan’s Inception. Inception, a two-hour and twenty plus abecedarian edumatic on Nolan’s fascination in lucidity and dreams, seems like an intriguing idea someone planted within Nolan’s subconscious, yet, never fully extracted. Inception is deficient of innovation, is predictable, and its slipshod storytelling manages to produce narrative incoherence; Dom Cobb, a bleak, uninspiring, grimacing, polar character, again, unfit to challenge DiCaprio.

Nolan does his best impersonation of a Wachowski brother, however, even in LIMBO, depth is void of substance, and thus, Inception’s transparency arrives at my secret vault as non-penetrable. Inception’s aim to feel epic in scale shoots blanks, with no scenes shot in IMAX, and Nolan, Zimmer, Ledger producing a momentous dream in The Dark Knight. Nolan’s error in dream space theory is entertaining though evident, when amidst three levels of subconscious sharing, only two levels gravitationally alter with turbulence.

Inception opens and ends poorly, with its best moments found during actual inception.

Score: 1½ of 4 stars

2 Responses to “I Dream, I Wake, I Realize”
  1. MsBeautySoul says:

    I havent watched Inception I wont be doing to after this review! Thanks Tru…

  2. Myne says:

    Two paragraphs Tru, is that the best you can do? :):)

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