Mumuni’s 4Play goes two rounds and quits

Do you know Sanga Entertainment’s telephone number? You will! Tactlessly displayed and advertised throughout Act I of Mumuni’s latest descent from Venus, it attacks! Acts II & III use the subtler, bizarre method of placing a tiny screen on the upper-left corner (view) of the screen, which constantly flashes the Sanga logo. Audio plays deaf, and leaves you to make sense of the dialogue most times.

Performances of note come from John Dumelo, Yvonne Okoro, Jesse Sarpong, and Roselyn Ngissah. The first of a number of scenes showing the women conversing is nearly unbearable to watch because of the bad timing, delivery, and acting from each woman waiting to exhale; something like Jesus performing 12Play on Mary Magdalene.

4play’s formula tastes boring for plenty scenes, but when it’s not, it’s considerably interesting and entertaining. After two rounds, the film’s uneven pacing makes for an uneasy movie experience. Mumuni wisely releasing all three parts together for distribution creates less confusion for viewers. Only for Material Girl, 4Play’s the first big release from Venus distributed completely (without omitted parts). However, Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Sparrow Productions remains King of distribution in Ghana, Nigeria and abroad, consistently releasing her films in complete formats, usually on a single disc.

Fans of Socrate Safo remain nuns! 4Play’s softcore porn protector shields viewers from vivid gratuitous coital acts, and flashbacks of Majid Michel’s hairy derrière. Heart of Men it is not, but 4Play’s conclusion charms, and becomes the point when the movie makes good on its title, especially for summer.

Score: 2 ½ of 4 stars


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