I Dream, I Wake, I Realize

Clichéd, pretentious, patronizing, unintelligent; these are some of the words that came to mind as I watched Nolan’s Inception. Inception, a two-hour and twenty plus abecedarian edumatic on Nolan’s fascination in lucidity and dreams, seems like an intriguing idea someone planted within Nolan’s subconscious, yet, never fully extracted. Inception is deficient of innovation, is predictable, … Continue reading

Mumuni’s 4Play goes two rounds and quits

Do you know Sanga Entertainment’s telephone number? You will! Tactlessly displayed and advertised throughout Act I of Mumuni’s latest descent from Venus, it attacks! Acts II & III use the subtler, bizarre method of placing a tiny screen on the upper-left corner (view) of the screen, which constantly flashes the Sanga logo. Audio plays deaf, … Continue reading