Prince of Persia: A Low Point in the History of Cinema

Jordan Mechner cosigns and Mike Newell directs the worst blockbuster so far this century! An appalling tribute to a beloved and cherished video game franchise, regarded by many (me included) as groundbreaking and innovative within the platforming genre. Is it good when a video game creator like Mechner gets the rare opportunity to adapt, and function as an executive producer of his own creation and intellectual property? Resistance is futile, so Mechner left with the option of letting Tinseltown plunder and exploit the airy prince, chose instead to participate in the lucrative aspect of filmmaking, where trends turn profits, comic book heroes become lead actors, and popular video game characters are the rage.

Mechner’s 1989 classic, and relaunch released in 2003 (from which the film lends its title), are more engaging and interesting than Disney and Bruckheimer’s sordid affair. Yet, the great thing about air-conditioned theatres is their capability of allowing viewers to get some shuteye, which is preferable throughout much of Jake Depp’s humdrum Non-Persian Brokeback performance. Kakolookiyam


Score: 0 0f 4 stars

One Response to “Prince of Persia: A Low Point in the History of Cinema”
  1. I watched this film. I liked it – good story

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