“Get outta my way Johnny, I’m gonna spit!”

Paul Muni, a Polish Jewish actor from Austria-Hungary, starred as Antonio “Tony” Camonte in Howard Hughes’ 1932 American gangster classic Scarface (directed by Howard Hawks & Richard Rosson). Muni’s performance (loosely based on Al Capone) is the groundwork and blueprint for the gangster archetype, which not only permeates every mob and crime film to date, … Continue reading

Prince of Persia: A Low Point in the History of Cinema

Jordan Mechner cosigns and Mike Newell directs the worst blockbuster so far this century! An appalling tribute to a beloved and cherished video game franchise, regarded by many (me included) as groundbreaking and innovative within the platforming genre. Is it good when a video game creator like Mechner gets the rare opportunity to adapt, and … Continue reading