Manso plays draughts with Africa’s ‘Fatal Attraction’

I like Shirley Frimpong Manso as many of us do in the African movie business. Nevertheless, her continuous ‘Obsession’ with African American cinema proves no more pervasive, unimaginative, unoriginal, or uninspiring, than at this very moment.

Falling from grace like Sappho’s Aphrodite, and after winning the AMAA in April for Best Director, Manso directs the faultiest film of her blossoming career, and an extra adaptation of James Dearden’s ‘Diversion’, with her latest release dubbed ‘Checkmate’. Being another variant of an illicit affair gone south, ‘Checkmate’ does not push any new boundaries, is predictable, and lacks genuine passion or enthusiasm. Notwithstanding, Manso’s consistency of distributing full and complete products (without omitted parts) is noteworthy.

Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku’s performance in a supporting role is far more stunning and captivating than Buari’s Beyoncé, and Ekow Blankson pulls rank on Senanu Gbedawo in lieu of his ambushing by the featured apprentice.

Score: 1 of 4 stars

2 Responses to “Manso plays draughts with Africa’s ‘Fatal Attraction’”
  1. Nolly says:

    It was not as good as I expected it to be but at the same time I would not rate it this low. I found it a bit slow in the beginning but it picked up immensley in part 2. I actually preferred naked faces to this. There was more passion in the acting.

  2. brooms says:

    Wow I am disappointed. I know Tru wouldn’t lie. Nadia was called Beyonce in the movie? Please say not. I was not enthusiastic about this film for some reason, tho I am yet to see it. Glad Naa Asorkor gave a good peformance.

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