Kobi Rana misapplies epic drama to suggestive ads

Prince Dave Osei throws weight around, and doesn’t play second fiddle to Majid Michel or John Dumelo. His role as Ray, a conflicted romanticist, proves why Hollywood filmmakers chose him for the upcoming film The Dead. Martha Ankomah shows strength, but’s no match here for Eddie Nartey, who gives a caliber performance, rivaled only by the film’s most memorable character, Katumba, portrayed by Doris Sackitey.

Kiss Me If You Can, a film about desperation and tragedy, is an ambitious and epic narrative. The downside to Kobi Rana’s suspenseful début, was his decision to market the film so suggestively. Sex plays a prominent role in the film’s storyline, but not in the way the film advertises. So, one can only “suggest” that Rana’s reason for doing this, produces an impact in sales; a form of deceptive marketing. Rana has stated otherwise about the ads, but the initial promotional techniques stay unchanged.

Rana stars in the film as Ray’s accidental lover, Kelly, giving the film its comedic lift. And Roselyn Ngissah vows to whoop ass, as Tara the prostitute, for not being fully compensated, after spending two hours trying to make Kelly come, while trying to steal his sperm. The title song “Kiss Me If You Can”, is also written and performed by Rana’s group, Rana.

Other songs featured in the film, are “When a Man Loves a Woman”, performed by Michael Bolton, “Halo” sung by Beyonce, and “Facebook Lover” by Rana.

Despite controversies surrounding Ghanaian films like Heart of Men, Rana’s Kiss Me turns out being its real weight in cedis.


Score: 3 of 4 stars


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