Classic Concoction

Count your blessings, Nas and Damian Marley have produced the best album of the decade, and the first “greatest” of the century.

Do albums this good come every 10 years? Jay-Z and Linkin Park wish their Collision Course sounding so high. Musically and culturally, the genres mesh like ackee and saltfish, grilled snapper with sauce au chien, and fungee & pepperpot. Sabali! Patiently crafted, Distant Relatives leaves no track unheard, and socially speaks on cultural, political, and humanitarian themes, like “Africa Must Wake Up”, “My Generation”, and “Patience”.

I’ve yet to hear Nas this poetic, socially conscious, and verbally clever; not even on Illmatic. His contribution on the album solidifies him as hip hop’s lyrical-est MC.

Damian Marley’s musical dexterity exudes charm, and embodies the spirit and message of Bob Marley for future generations. Damian goes above and beyond “Jamrock”, and takes listeners to new lands, lands of promise. Sabali


Score: 5 of 5 stars


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