What’s Happening Raj!!

Van Vick dons blond, and does everything but the cabbage patch in a krumping battle; all while writing, starring, directing and producing “Raj The Dancer”. Smiley

The film’s full of funny bits, like Raj peeking through the outside window of a dance class, Chris (Prince David Osei) slapping Raj for trying to kiss him, Raj’s MJ-esque crotch grab while stripteasing for Sue (Nana Akua Addo), Sue telling Teilo (Kofi Adjorlolo) she’s finally pregnant, and Sue’s mother (Gifty Temeng) telling Teilo she has “eyes” too; Raj fainting is also pretty funny.

Teilo, a retired Colonel, cheats and beats on his wife Sue, repeatedly promising her he’ll change before getting drunk, and pummeling her while shouting…”I Want Kids, Dammit!” Chris, Teilo’s younger cousin, comes to visit for a vacation, and brings his good friend Raj. This sets the stage for the blond dancer to come to Sue’s aid in her time of peril. Sue reveals to Raj about her forced engagement to Teilo at age 7. Her exploitation shows when her mom tells her to “Shut up” before pocketing ₵500, then ₵300 that Sue rejects, and tells Teilo, “I’ll give it to her.” (<.<)

The movie’s theme of damsel in distress is clichéd, with Sue crying for nearly 10 minutes in the opening sequence, and throughout the entire film; lines being replaced with infantile moans.

Now released for distribution, “Raj The Dancer” is a fun, offbeat (pun intended), romantic comedy that hits the right moves, just in time for summer!


Score: 2 1/2 of 4 stars

4 Responses to “What’s Happening Raj!!”
  1. Hey Tru I love the new layout… Its so sleek.
    Hmm with regards to this movie I havent actually watched it but I heard so many bad things I wasnt gonna just because it might put me in a bad mood, but then ur review is kinda makin me wanna watch it but it seems like every movie I enjoy you don’t and vice versa… Nevertheless I may just attempt it at least and see how the first hour goes at first.

  2. Oneka says:

    The movie was interesting ,one thing i learn at my small little age is true love, that was the main thing i saw you brought out it was a nice and enjoying movie

  3. Oneka says:

    please all my life i wanted to act here in jamaica where i live but at my school they dont do performing art therefore i had to chose business please am asking ,as a favorite african movie star can you let me act in an african movie please ,it doesnt as to be with you ,all the time i text asking people like iniedo and stephanie okereke but they doesnt seems to have the time to respond are maybe they dont find it interestng like i do please i hope you do sorry i Know it should be a commend but this is my only chance. please rag OnekaRoberts.Once again your movie was lovely .Am looking forward for your reply ok .please

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