Spartans Stand Tall

What else can I say that hasn’t already been said? God of War III is a video game with very few faults, and possibly none. I was hesitant to write a review because, I’m still unable to find anything critical other than the increase in violence and the common repetitiveness the series is known for (parents beware). What I can say for sure is that, throughout history, only a few series stand out in front; Mario, Zelda, God of War. The game is a certified classic work, and no game this year may look as good. The PS3 has a true friend in Olympus!

That being said, I found myself a bit cheated yet eager by the game’s conclusion. I love the 2D aspect of the boss battle with Zeus, and the shifting to 3D. The mini sex games are always fun, and more difficult now with Aphrodite. Hercules’ pummeling had my mouth a gasp for the mere ferociousness of his face being lost in a pool of his own blood.

If there’s anything to check Santa Monica about, it’s to keep Kratos from going through what Mario experienced, appearing on Slurpee drinks and Mountain Dew virtual hoodies. Oversaturation benefits the short-term, not the long-term; Spartans Go Platinum!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  thumbup.gif Thumbs up image by hephaestus61 thumbup.gif Thumbs up image by hephaestus61

SCORE 10/10


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