Death of a Dynasty

All good things come to an end, but the question is, was it ever good to begin with? I didn’t watch this movie, and I didn’t need to. The tiny bits I absorbed from a streaming site told the tale. I don’t condone streaming unless it supports filmmakers somehow, but due to Venus Films’ deceptive distribution methods, I have no choice.

If Chelsea gets lost at sea, than Who Loves Me goes MSL by hitting the ocean’s surface. The movies aren’t getting better, they’re getting worse. Abdul Salam Mumuni (CEO of V.F.P) has managed to create some of Africa’s hottest stars, but in the same breath, seems like the very force working towards their demise. Is it his fault? Maybe not.

Making movies is art, art is business. An actor must begin to see it for them self that a manager, agent, or company can and will take them so far. Then it’s up to that artist to seek better management/support while parting ways with the former. It’s nothing personal, it’s business. Actors are artists and evolving commodities, and the monetary aspect of making movies compels some producers to exploit talented and reluctant people.

Jackie Appiah gives the worst performance of her career, during an abysmal hospital scene, featuring cheesy background music, and some of the worst lines ever written for film. The acting is utterly strained and pretentious, lacking any depth or meaning; every shed tear is dry.

Majid is a mummy, and the only thing that shines in Who Loves Me is Artus Frank! But how long will that last before Venus drains all the creative life out of him for Ghanaian cedis?

Once you know a company’s formula, Coca-Cola never tastes the same again. And once you realize you’re drinking crap instead of soda, well…

Then you’re just fckn pissed off.

Score: 1/2 star – of – 4 stars

6 Responses to “Death of a Dynasty”
  1. barbarellanoir says:

    lolololololol…..tru…I see you’ve arrived at a high level of pissivity with a rating of 1/2. I still ride for Majid though. He has enough good work to outweigh the bad.

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