Badu goes Saartjie Baartman on all of our asses

Group thinkers, deindividuals, a shame and guilt society despite being both shameless and guilty. Have we become this? So regressed, repressed, unable to breathe for ourselves without being told to. Sex, money, and media dominate every facet of our existence until we’re more soulless than machines, enslaved within our own spiral of silences.

Badu’s ‘Window Seat’ raises many questions about self, image, beauty, sexual exploitation of women in advertising, discrimination and objectification of African women’s bodies, the attack on the differing and opposing person against majority consensus and opinion. Marketers believe the herd mentality of the public allow them to sell without protest as long as profits increase. Are you buying?

Saartjie Baartman is a victim of cruel and inhumane treatment by savage and biased European men of the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as 20th and 21st century anthropologists which continue to perpetuate bigoted pseudoscience about people of African ancestry. She was a main “attraction” at freak shows and human zoos, caricatured unmercifully even until today.


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