R. Kelly again proves he’s king with the “fiend’s fix”

Usher, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz don’t need me to tell them who re-invented sex in R&B, because the proof’s heard here. R. Kelly does sex in R&B like Michelangelo does the Sistine Chapel. Everyone else sounds good, but the Chi’s son makes you believe his gospel of sex with every sung sermon. And as long as he remains in music, the elephant squashes flies. What stands Kelly apart is that he truly understands the science behind rhythm; he’s a scientist. R in R&B is the rhythm and B is the blues, but R in R. Kelly is more blues than anything. He infuses his music with undeniable soul, and that’s what his competition don’t have. Technique is one thing, and Auto-Tone’s something else entirely, but what hits you deep down inside can never be replaced by artificial intelligence, headbangers, and catchy hooks.

Forget the bullshit posturing you see in the picture, because it’s the music that matters. Prince and Stevie Wonder couldn’t fill Kelly’s Windy City shoes. Why? Because this here’s R&B. As the industry continues to pimp and prostitute the talents of entertainers, and sell sex, sexism, and stereotypes to the public in mass media tablets, the Hip hop community remains primarily ignorant, as artists like Keri Hilson, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne and Drake, use words like “crib”, “nigga”, and “bitch” still in 2010. How can a grown man say he lives in a crib? Psychologically there’s something wrong with that. (And I could give 2 shits about Bob Williams’ Ebonics and slang. It’s time 2 grow da’ fck up people..) How long will women be objectified in R&B, Hip hop…the world? Ever since the powers that be, former kings of R&B like Barry White, Donny Hathaway, and Marvin Gaye understood the wicked nature of the business that so often dictates the talents of entertainers. Some remain slaves while others fight for their creative freedom, and get it, like Prince did. (Though what’s he done since begs question. Seems to have become the very thing he despised  in his pursuit of wealth, and hasn’t produced anything real in years.)

Whether Kelly’s a slave to the lucrative and coitus crazed R&B market today remains unclear, though he’s certainly a master at the art of sex singing that’s pretty much the profiting trend in media and entertainment.

Great artists like Michael Jackson, Donny Hathaway, and Marvin Gaye all showed their ability to sing about other, more inspiring music than sex, money, power and materialism. Kelly’s catalog and versatility as a award winning singer, songwriter, and producer crown him as not simply music’s premier R&B crooner, but a creative and artistic genius of our time.


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