“Never you interrupt my fun again”

Annabel (Amanda Dilo) has an itch that is in constant need of scratching. Yet the root of this longing is firmly engraved deep within the corners of her mind. In one moment, her virginity taken, her pride stolen, and her integrity raped. The ecstasy Rocky (Ramsey Nouah) slips in her drink isn’t capable of making 16-year-old Annabel forget the horrific acts she’s forced to endure with her family present. Her father’s pleas to end his precious daughter’s torture are to no avail, when gang leader Rocky, sporting a quite fashionable light-green colored D&G shirt, says to mom and dad, “Never you interrupt my fun again”, after shooting Annabel’s father in the leg for protesting.

Things only intensify as Celine Dion’s Falling into You begins playing for a second time, and Annabel loses all inhibitions after being forced to consume more ecstasy. Annabel dances, gunmen turn turns, momma wails, Annabel’s soul is forever torn. Being based on a true story makes Deadly Emotion a bit more compelling. It features childhood sequences similar to films like City of God, Shottas, Slumdog Millionaire and Crime to Christ. Rocky’s turbulent upbringing sheds light on his adult criminal life of robbery, rape and murder, due to being abused and mistreated by an unloving foster-mother (Lisa Onu).

The film is part educational and part drama, which doesn’t make for very good movie watching, particularly with the film being over 3hrs in length. The good news is that the DVD conveniently breaks up the movie into three parts, which spreads out the film’s total time in intervals. The elements of redemption and forgiveness/revenge are prominent in Deadly Emotion, as Rocky is to have found salvation in Christ during a prison bit. This idea of “sinner turned saint” gets expounded on more heavily in the Ghanaian film Crime to Christ, a remake of the American Scarface. Deadly Emotion is Nigeria’s go at the “sinner turned saint”.


Score: 2 1/2 of 4 stars


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