Ghana turns West and why Venus Films has become a Madhouse

Chelsea is the worst movie Venus Films has ever produced. The plot is vapid, colorless, half-hearted and lacks no real inspiration. The actors recycled, dull, expressionless (recycled expressions), no progression in talent or each performance; it is as if the screen is dead. In hope of its resurrection, the film’s score diminishes this ambition with music synced to scenes that feel greatly incompatible.

Abdul Salam, my advice to you is to shut shop for a minute and recalculate what it is that you are really doing anymore. Because if it is only to make money, then I would recommend for you to simply get a 9-5 job and be contented. Lately, much of Venus’ productions have become more comical (and not in a good way) and less dramatic. Not since Crime to Christ has Venus released a movie exemplifying genuine tension, suspense, raw emotion and improbability.

Viewers become emotionally invested with character background info and attention to detail; characters seem more real, and less fictional. In Crime to Christ, we understand who Sammy is due to the attention paid to his childhood, and why he pursues a life of crime as an adult. In Chelsea, this is not so. We become neither involved or emotionally invested with any of the main characters, because we really know nothing about them, other than the fact they are simply there to fulfill an uninteresting plot.

Ghana and its filmmakers have come under heavy fire of late, with many Ghanaians claiming that the country has given itself over to heavy Western influence, due in large part to pornography having infiltrated Ghanaian society overnight, and filmmakers like Socrate Safo who have begun to sell and market their movies as border-line pornography. Chelsea continues on this path, with Marlow’s (John Dumelo) sexism on full display.

In one scene, Marlow wakes up in his bed from a threesome night and tells the woman laying on each side of him..”I’m tired of you”..before demanding them out of his house. In another scene, Marlow is hard-pressed to believe Chelsea is a virgin, and boasts of his worldly sexual exploits, stating..”I’ve had thousands of women..40 year-olds, 15 year-olds.”


In Chelsea, Majid Michel is again cast as a psychotic/deranged personality named Sly, who dreams and paints pictures of Chelsea for four years before meeting Ashanti (Nadia Buari). Sly’s good friend Katty (Brenda Bonsu) is in love with him and is a friend of Chelsea. Katty offers Sly information about Chelsea in exchange for sex. Sly refuses to have sex with Katty and tells her he only likes her as a friend, yet still earns a photo of Chelsea.

With the photo now in his possession, Sly literally begins to stalk Chelsea madly, which causes Chelsea to flee and change her name. Sly places a reward out for GH₵ 100, 000, 000 to anyone that can show her whereabouts. Chelsea eludes Sly when he departs to find her an outfit to wear for a business meeting, after telling him she wears a size six.


SCORE: 1 of 4 stars

12 Responses to “Ghana turns West and why Venus Films has become a Madhouse”
  1. Nduta says:

    Hey just came across your blog.

    Oh! that movie “Chelsea” sucks. I only watched part one and i was too through!

    I’m tired, absolutely dog-tired of seeing Majid’s characters always acting psychotic. All his movies he plays one role- the crazy man.
    I think he is a good actor if only he could reign it in a bit.

    The lack of facial expressions is priceless. I have gotten more face from a can of beans!
    I will not even comment on Nadia, i think she is just in movies because “she is pretty with a cute accent”. She cannot act her way out of a paper bag.

    As for the Marlow character… Grown men showing their butts on screen is NOT what’s in in 2010. I must admit i cracked up when he got into the tub and then turned on the water. I mean, who does that? lol! Also that line of sleeping with 40 year olds as well as 15 year olds was a complete turn off.

    I have noticed Ghana movies are slowly, but surely sinking into the borderline pornish to almost pornish realm.
    Script writers and directors need to tame their overzealousness to incorporate the western culture into african movies. The west is not always right you know. You can have a great movie without full-monty displays and crude talk.

    Thank you.

    • Truf.. says:

      Thanx for stopping by Nduta. I really enjoyed reading your comment!

      Be sure 2 come by again and share a few words..:)

    • edioni says:

      ppl this movie is a excellent movie this is the only place i came and there criticizing it. it is a beautiful movie a must watch im tellin u look at the other reviews on youtube r online nigeria awesome movie 5star

  2. Myne Whitman says:

    I almost purchased this film today, thank God I didn’t! LOL..

  3. monik says:

    i think u are all getn this wrong, chelsea is the most nicest film i have ever watched , its cool, well acted, beautiful scenes n gud english. Unpredictable and really nice acting. Hey i have decided to go get the dvd, i dont do that but chelsea will let me do it. Stop hating on the producer and co , they have done a good job. All those who are degrading the movie, ask urselves if u can act or produce a film like that, be proud of the work they are doing , show love and stop giving bad critism.

  4. monik says:

    nduta, go for audition n letz see if u would be granted a common houseboy role. stop all these and appreciate the good work of our film wrighters, thnx

  5. gualetar says:

    The subject is fully clear but why does the text lack clarity? But in general your blog is great.

  6. deji says:

    wow i am surprise that this movie is gettin bad reviews from u guys as for me for the first time other than the comedy movies and remember your mother i was able to watch african movie without forwarding it. this is one of the best movies i have ever watch. majid the best actor in africa. john dumelo what can i say years in a few years will be taking over and las but not least nadia, beautiful, beautiful nadia love her in this movie and i will be checking her out in checkmate

  7. ErurceRew says:

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  8. Well you know I cannot agree with this… I absolutely loved part 1 and 2. I thought it was really well done apart from the timing mix up issues and the stupid round the world debacle… I think where it really lost points with me was Part 3… It messed it up a little but not enough for me to forget how good the first two parts were.

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