The album begins with grinding synth, a verse by Weezy, and Rap & B lyrics from “MechanicalDummy” off of a groovy production from Swizz Beats. Bendy Forks

“Sing Like Me” is a slick slow-jam, and “Crawl” is a cool pop ballad about rebuilding love. The next song “So Cold” is a great love song by Brown with “classic” potential. The album then moves on to “What I Do”, a boisterous and lively club banger composed by The Runners. “Famous Girl” will become famous if not go down in infamy for its privately exposing lyrics, although being an enjoyable concoction by both Brown and Ryan Leslie. The next song titled “Take My Time” is by Tha Bizness, and sounds like an outdated and feeble attempt to dethrone a similarly effected artist albeit still reigning R. Kelly. Next is 80’s style Europop hatched by Free School on “I.Y.A.”. Then comes Brian Kennedy’s thrashy rave kicker “Pass Out”, resembling Rihanna’s “Disturbia”. “Wait” is by Polow Da Don, and is your typical blatantly grotesque and misogynistic hip hop drivel.

The album hits a wrong key with a horrid offering by Jevon Hill on “Lucky Me”, as Brown victimizes himself and his celebrity. Brown continues with this approach on “Fallin Down”, done by Charlie Bereal, which fairs better despite sounding like a track conceived from a 15-year-old. Graffiti finds new life again with some great arrangement from Brian Kennedy & James Fauntleroy on “I’ll Go”. “Girlfriend” is the “International Bonus Track” featuring Lupe Fiasco, made by Free School; an urban pop collabo which makes for a nice added extra!

Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc

Polow Da Don’s “Gotta Be Ur Man” is a sure winner among teenage fans and young adults, and Jevon Hill’s “Movie” is decent. “For Ur Love”s ode to 80’s pop rock is pleasant, while “I Need This” features as a respectable pop ballad. Polow’s experimental take on “I Love U” makes me wonder if he was on some type of drug or alcohol when he made it. The next song is one of my favorites, titled “Brown Skin Girl” featuring Sean Paul and Rock City. The song’s produced by none other than Scott Storch, and a certified hit in three genres. “Chase Our Love” is the “International Deluxe Edition Bonus Track” and a real hip dance tune “Chris Breezy” should make great use of. The album’s title song, handled by Cool & Dre, appears last and is a major letdown from a production standpoint. Going by Graffiti’s cover, ratiocination of live instruments could have aided far better than studio forged rock samples.

Score: 3 1/2 of 5 stars

2 Responses to “GRAFFITI”
  1. sharry says:

    they both need help there relationship is a primary example of sickness

    i guess life goes on for them they need jesus

  2. ALEXIS says:


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