New Moon: The Dawn of wolves

Chris Weitz was hired to direct the newest installment of the Twilight film series New Moon for one reason. That being to concoct computer-generated images of werewolves using CGI special effects. As it’s clear in this sequel, the dawn of the werewolf gives moon and now takes it rightful place alongside the mythological and folkloric being known as the vampire.

The film is lush, melodious and plays like a swooning, weeping ballad from a symphony teen orchestra; albeit a number of the actors and characters featured in the film are well past their teens. There is a consistent non-sexual tension reeking like new blood throughout the narrative that can only be satisfied when it isn’t.

Catherine Hardwicke directed Twilight and David Slade is already at work filming the next sequel Eclipse, so we get a sense that all Twilight films including Breaking Dawn take on a bit of a different visual and cinematic style unique from each other. Although one thing remains rhythmically at pace with Meyer’s novels, and that is, so far Melissa Rosenberg has written every script in the Twilight film series.

Some say the Twilight films are for a set audience, I disagree. The Twilight films are for people who like and understand the feeling of watching a uniquely good movie, no matter the content or its professed demographic. New Moon is that type of movie which is a worthy successor to its predecessor in the Twilight saga.


Score: 3 of 4 stars

One Response to “New Moon: The Dawn of wolves”
  1. Myne Whitman says:

    I did not agree with your review of guilty pleasures but on this one, I’m 100% with you. Nice review.

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