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I realize that humanity’s need for acceptance within groups and by peers is a great detriment to individuality, and uniqueness in our world. I recently experienced this in the form of useless and unconstructive opinions (not criticism) made about me being a film reviewer and critic. Interestingly, by targeting an individual in this way actually … Continue reading

I Dream, I Wake, I Realize

Clichéd, pretentious, patronizing, unintelligent; these are some of the words that came to mind as I watched Nolan’s Inception. Inception, a two-hour and twenty plus abecedarian edumatic on Nolan’s fascination in lucidity and dreams, seems like an intriguing idea someone planted within Nolan’s subconscious, yet, never fully extracted. Inception is deficient of innovation, is predictable, … Continue reading

Mumuni’s 4Play goes two rounds and quits

Do you know Sanga Entertainment’s telephone number? You will! Tactlessly displayed and advertised throughout Act I of Mumuni’s latest descent from Venus, it attacks! Acts II & III use the subtler, bizarre method of placing a tiny screen on the upper-left corner (view) of the screen, which constantly flashes the Sanga logo. Audio plays deaf, … Continue reading

“Get outta my way Johnny, I’m gonna spit!”

Paul Muni, a Polish Jewish actor from Austria-Hungary, starred as Antonio “Tony” Camonte in Howard Hughes’ 1932 American gangster classic Scarface (directed by Howard Hawks & Richard Rosson). Muni’s performance (loosely based on Al Capone) is the groundwork and blueprint for the gangster archetype, which not only permeates every mob and crime film to date, … Continue reading

Prince of Persia: A Low Point in the History of Cinema

Jordan Mechner cosigns and Mike Newell directs the worst blockbuster so far this century! An appalling tribute to a beloved and cherished video game franchise, regarded by many (me included) as groundbreaking and innovative within the platforming genre. Is it good when a video game creator like Mechner gets the rare opportunity to adapt, and … Continue reading

Manso plays draughts with Africa’s ‘Fatal Attraction’

I like Shirley Frimpong Manso as many of us do in the African movie business. Nevertheless, her continuous ‘Obsession’ with African American cinema proves no more pervasive, unimaginative, unoriginal, or uninspiring, than at this very moment. Falling from grace like Sappho’s Aphrodite, and after winning the AMAA in April for Best Director, Manso directs the … Continue reading

Kobi Rana misapplies epic drama to suggestive ads

Prince Dave Osei throws weight around, and doesn’t play second fiddle to Majid Michel or John Dumelo. His role as Ray, a conflicted romanticist, proves why Hollywood filmmakers chose him for the upcoming film The Dead. Martha Ankomah shows strength, but’s no match here for Eddie Nartey, who gives a caliber performance, rivaled only by … Continue reading

Classic Concoction

Count your blessings, Nas and Damian Marley have produced the best album of the decade, and the first “greatest” of the century. Do albums this good come every 10 years? Jay-Z and Linkin Park wish their Collision Course sounding so high. Musically and culturally, the genres mesh like ackee and saltfish, grilled snapper with sauce … Continue reading

Oh No, Another Nollywood Movie??

Pascal Amanfo shows potential, but “Naked Faces” ends up being just another Nollywood movie. Amanfo’s narrating and erratic camera work misses the mark most times, but at certain points, shows brilliance. For instance, the aerial shot from the tree Leslie (Ecow Smith Asante) and Frank (Majid Michel) sit under, glows beautifully. What seems like a good … Continue reading

What’s Happening Raj!!

Van Vick dons blond, and does everything but the cabbage patch in a krumping battle; all while writing, starring, directing and producing “Raj The Dancer”. The film’s full of funny bits, like Raj peeking through the outside window of a dance class, Chris (Prince David Osei) slapping Raj for trying to kiss him, Raj’s MJ-esque … Continue reading